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Should election manifestos be legal contracts?

Posted on | January 31, 2011 | No Comments

Should political parties be legally obliged to follow through on their election manifestos if they find themselves in Government after the election? After all it is the manifesto that they bring to the people pre election that gets them elected, well at least is should be. In my opinion it makes a complete mockery of our democratic system as well as being an insult to the people of Ireland to tell such flagrant untruths in their desire to get into office.

Most parties never implement the majority of what they promise, and never had any intention of doing so to begin with and some even reverse pre election promises post election. Can this be called democracy? after all if a business was to make false claims about their product or service then the customer has recourse to legal redress, why not when it comes to the Government? Is it democracy to sell falsehoods to and unsuspecting people when the political parties themselves know full well that they have no intention of fulfilling their promises? Can they truly claim to have a mandate from the people when that mandate was gained under false pretences?

We need change to our political system, one of those changes needs to be full accountability, for actions while in office and for promises given to get into office. Our democracy is a precious thing, to precious a thing to be treated with contempt but those that claim to uphold it. Just look at the Arab world today, people there are dying on the streets to have democracy as did Irish people in the past. Do not treat us with contempt simply to further your own ambitions. Treat us with the respect that we deserve and our democracy will be all the stronger as a result.


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to my site, having sat through the turmoil of the last few years, I'm frustrated, I want the Government out and out now, but having thought on it, I came to the realisation that there is no real alternative. All the political parties support and partake in this sham that we call Democracy. So that is why I have decided to run in the next General Election. I want to offer people of this constituency a REAL alternative. There are so many things that need fixing in this Country; the trouble is knowing where to start. I believe that what needs fixing first is our system of Government, giving the people of Ireland a real say in how this Country is run. Real local Government and a smaller National Government. that acts on National issues