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Posted on | July 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Having reflected on my recent entry into politics and on a decision whether I should run again as an Independent or not, I have come to the realisation that the problem that we have with politics in Ireland is a systemic one and if it is ever to improve then the system has to change. Anyone doubting the truth of this statement needs only look at the kind of people that get elected to the Dáil under the current system to see that this is in fact the case.

Change can only take place in one of two ways, one is through a revolution, which may not be a bad thing, and it would allow the people to take back control of their destinies, rather than suffer the slow bleeding to debt (pun in intended) that we now suffer. The other is for people to use the limited power that they have in the Democracy and that is their vote.

It is my contention that the latter is the best approach initially and if that does not work then people will be left with no alternative but to revolt. But for the latter to succeed we need a new party, sadly independents will not do it, it has to be said that the independents that got elected the last time seemed to have quickly joined the status quo that is the Irish political system and that is of tending to their local constituents and issues so as to enhance their chances of getting re-elected. This is how politics in Ireland works and it needs to change, Ireland needs real leadership now, we do not need another 166 civil servants on top of the tens of thousands we already have. This ship is about to go down and we have people, systems and procedures in place to make sure that that all the deckchairs are position correctly.

One major problem is that at present we have no real choice in Ireland, no alternative and as the saying goes “if you keep doing what you’ve always done you will keep getting the same results you always got”. In their quest to get elected all the political parties have gelled in to one, in to this none entity that claims to stand for whatever people wants it to stand for before the election but then to change to something completely different after the election. This is no more obvious that with Labour, when people chose to join a particular parties why do they then try to change that party, why did they not simply join the party that they are changing to in the first place and leave people with real alternatives. Why didn’t the likes of Joan Bruton join either Fianna Fail or Fine Gael rather than drag the entire Labour party over to the right? People like them have robbed us of our choices just so that they will become more electable in the short term, we have to assume that they were initially attracted to these parties because of the party’s ideology but they then proceeded to ditch the party’s ideology for personal gain. Are these people really the best kind of people to be running our Country? Having already sold their souls to get into power will they now sell our souls to keep themselves there?

If like me you believe that change is needed then in the words of Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We need change, and for change to happen it will take us, the people of Ireland to make it happen. I want to start a movement for change, and I mean real change not just empty slogans, how this change is to happen, I do not know, all I do know is that it has to happen and I’m calling on all likeminded people to join me and together lets explore the options available to us. Please join me, follow this page, get others to do likewise and together let’s take our futures back.


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  1. Trich
    July 19th, 2011 @ 2:48 pm


    Do you mean follow your face book page?!?

    I’m not clear about how to join you & I want to.

    I love this line ” rather than suffer the slow bleeding to debt (pun in intended) that we now suffer.” probably because it is true! It is how I feel the Irish Government are treating most of us!

    I’ve tweeted this & shared it on face book too.



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to my site, having sat through the turmoil of the last few years, I'm frustrated, I want the Government out and out now, but having thought on it, I came to the realisation that there is no real alternative. All the political parties support and partake in this sham that we call Democracy. So that is why I have decided to run in the next General Election. I want to offer people of this constituency a REAL alternative. There are so many things that need fixing in this Country; the trouble is knowing where to start. I believe that what needs fixing first is our system of Government, giving the people of Ireland a real say in how this Country is run. Real local Government and a smaller National Government. that acts on National issues